Xiamen International Animation Festival: Injecting New Energy into the High Quality Development of China's Animation and Game Industry


From May 24 to 26, 2023 (15th) Xiamen International Animation Festival will be held in Xiamen, China. As the only demonstration event recognized by the Association International du Film d'Animation (ASIFA) in China, it is also an annual event in the Chinese animation and game industry, attracting the participation of countless animation enthusiasts and upstream and downstream industry chain innovation enterprises.

Release Original Vitality: 68 anime and game works won the "Golden Dolphin Award"


The "Golden Dolphin Award" anime competition, as one of the most authoritative and influential competitions in the domestic animation industry in China, has received a total of 2656 entries from 40 countries and regions worldwide since its launch in April. The organizing committee invited 24 well-known experts and scholars from both domestic and foreign countries, as well as leaders of leading enterprises, to serve as judges.

On the 25th, the award-winning list of the highly anticipated "Golden Dolphin Award" competition was announced, and 54 anime works and 14 game works including "New God Chart: Yang Jian", "Chinese Legend", and "Tevi" won the awards.

In terms of animation, the competition selected 9 awards including Best Film and Television Animated Feature, Best Series Animated Feature, Best Animated Short Film, and Best Comic.

The competition platform provides us with the opportunity to have face-to-face communication with more companies and creators in the industry. The support of the Xiamen government for the animation industry will provide greater space for industry development, "said Zeng Fanyu, a producer of Chasing Light Animation. In this competition, the animated film "New God Chart: Yang Jian" produced by Chasing Light Animation won the gold award for Best Animated Feature Film.

In terms of gaming, the competition consists of 7 awards with a total prize of 700000 yuan. This year, a total of 225 works have been received from 10 countries and regions around the world.

Yaozuo Technology Company is an independent game publisher from Shenzhen, China. Although it is the first time to participate, three of its works have won awards. Independent games. They are the role of R&D in the industry chain and are the cornerstone of the gaming industry. We will continue to delve into the field of independent games and look forward to more opportunities for cooperation with local enterprises and platforms in Xiamen, "said CEO Ding Fei.

Digital Technology Empowers the Future of Chinese Animation and Games


On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the Xiamen International Anime Festival, the organizers of this event specially invited Li Zhongqiu, Vice Chairman of ASIFA and Chairman of Disheng Digital Entertainment, as the host. They also invited Nielsen, Honorary Chairman of ASIFA, animation director Martha Uduoduoqi, Xie Kunze, Chairman of Beijing Guangyun/Suzhou Guangyun Uniti, and Huang Weiming, Chief Director of the well-known animation "Pleasant Goat and Big Wolf" Industry leaders such as Zhang Beibei, General Manager of Shimao Animation, and Chi Fangyi, Director of Animation at Fengyun Technology, gathered together to hold a roundtable meeting on the "Review and Prospects of China Animation Centenary and Golden Dolphin Award in the Fifteen Years", presenting a new opportunity conversation for the future development of Chinese animation.

China does not lack good stories. How to uncover the shining points of these contents and better present them can be considered through the use of new digital technologies and means such as the metaverse, "Nielsen said in a forum sharing.

During the Xiamen International Anime Festival, with the theme of "Digital Intelligence and Attraction, Revitalizing the Future", there were also special events focusing on industry hotspots and trends, such as the Metaverse Industry Integration Development Forum, the New Era Game Globalization Wave Game Industry Forum, and the Game Developer Salon and Venture Capital Roadshow.

Li Zhongqiu said that the positioning of the Xiamen International Animation Festival was very precise from the beginning. "It focuses on 'pan animation', not only limited to the animation itself, but also applied animation, games, etc., which seems very prescient today.

In fact, Xiamen has already taken the lead in exploring and is accelerating the construction of an animation and game city, a trendy gaming economic city, and a metaverse ecological model city. At the same time, many local animation and game companies in Xiamen have also taken the initiative to layout and accelerate their integration into new development trends.

Our original intention in creating animation was to better promote China's historical stories, and the application of new technologies has also opened up new ideas for us. For example, the company is trying to combine metaverse technology to create immersive animation scenes, "said Zhang Beibei.

Integrated development of competition and industry accelerates the implementation and transformation of innovative achievements

Since its establishment in 2008, the Xiamen International Anime Festival has gathered achievements from the animation and game industry, promoting the integration of competition and industry through the "Golden Dolphin Award" authoritative competition. It not only provides opportunities for creative transmission and display of excellent works, but also actively promotes industrial exchanges, transactions, and project landing.

During the event, the organizing committee also held investment negotiations, visits to Siming, Huli, Jimei, Torch Industrial Park, and enterprise inspection visits for the contestants of the competition, promoting enterprises and talents to experience the business environment of Xiamen and the software park, understand investment resources, and fully promote the landing of projects and talents. In addition, additional landing and entrepreneurship rewards will be provided for gold medal winners to work or start businesses in Xiamen.

Xiamen is one of the earliest cities in China to develop the animation industry. Xiamen's main business and its derivative industries currently have revenue exceeding ten billion yuan, and a group of star enterprises have emerged, creating a batch of high-quality products that are both well received and well received. In recent years, the gaming industry in Xiamen has developed rapidly, with a group of companies such as Gigabit, 4399, and Touch Technology growing into industry leaders, creating multiple "popular" games, and promoting Xiamen to become one of the well-known game research and development bases in China. "Xiamen Produced" has already gone abroad and gone global.

डिस्क्लेमर: यह लेख अन्य मीडिया से पुन: पेश किया गया है। रिप्रिंट करने का उद्देश्य अधिक जानकारी देना है। इसका मतलब यह नहीं है कि यह वेबसाइट अपने विचारों से सहमत है और इसकी प्रामाणिकता के लिए जिम्मेदार है, और कोई कानूनी जिम्मेदारी वहन नहीं करती है। इस साइट पर सभी संसाधन इंटरनेट पर एकत्र किए गए हैं। साझा करने का उद्देश्य केवल सभी के सीखने और संदर्भ के लिए है। यदि कॉपीराइट या बौद्धिक संपदा उल्लंघन है, तो कृपया हमें एक संदेश छोड़ दें।
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